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Create the look….. UPTOWN ELEGANCE

30 Jul

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Designer notes:

The open layout and black-and-white color scheme gives this kitchen the elegance of an old Hollywood movie. Minimizing the use of upper cabinets makes room for windows on two sides of the room and allows a mosaic tile backsplash made of white stone and glass to decorate the cooking wall. The only upper cabinets sit on either side of the cooktop. They come down all the way to the counter, creating a more traditional look that resembles furniture. The black kitchen island makes up for any lost work space, and the dramatic marble pattern of the countertop adds posh environment. Olive-hued paint and beige tile floors bring in subtle neutral colors and warmth that keeps the kitchen from feeling too harsh.


SMALL footprint….. BIG solution!

26 Jul

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Kitchen located in Boston, Ma created by Rosario Cabinets, Inc.

Although 2012 trends are to larger kitchens, some homes simply don’t have the space for a large kitchen. City apartments can have a space as small as 7 feet by 10 feet, condos often have a galley kitchen or a wall with kitchen cabinets, while in some suburbs, a 10 by 13 foot space is small for a kitchen. Whatever your space limitations, make the most of the kitchen you do have with these ideas for utilizing every inch.

Make it Tall

Use all of the space in your small kitchen, floor to ceiling by incorporating extra-tall cabinets. Think tall and skinny when it comes to appliances as well. In a truly tiny apartment-style kitchen, consider a tall and narrow refrigerator, a built-in convection/microwave oven, stovetop with only two burners, and a dishwasher drawer, if you have the space. Think small for the sink as well. A single bowl, deep sink can hold a large pot to fill. Paired with a pull-out faucet, the sink can be versatile.

 Add an Island

If you have a small kitchen with a little more space, consider an island. Even a small island can make a kitchen more workable by providing an eating area and storage. An Island does not have to take up a lot of space, consider a round island with a small footprint.


Make use of every bit of space in your small kitchen. For example, look at hanging rail systems for an attractive display that saves space. Also consider pullout shelves and organizers in cabinets and drawers. Utilizing every bit of space in a cabinet makes a small kitchen more functional. Consider extra-deep countertops to give you more workspace without significantly affecting traffic flow.

Lighten it Up

White cabinets will give an illusion of more space; try to match the cabinet color to the wall color for continuity. Use light wisely in a small kitchen to make the space brighter and to give the illusion of size. Consider under-cabinet halogen or LED lights to provide extra lighting to countertops.

ELEGANT closet solutions

24 Jul
At Rosario Cabinets, we know your home is a safe haven; a place to return to each night for rest and rejuvenation. It holds your most treasured possessions and serves as a gathering space for family and friends alike. Unfortunately, a cluttered house can sap your energy and create anxiety. If you find mountains of clothes and other items piling up, our custom closet solutions can help you bring order to the chaos. Rosario Cabinets offers high-end solutions that combine modern styling with practical design. Our design team stands ready to help turn your vision into a reality. They can guide you step-by-step through the process of identifying your unique storage needs and offering personalized solutions with innovative designs that can maximize space while updating the look and feel of your home. Let us help you reclaim and recreate your home’s serenity.

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Wolf and Subzero get “SMART”

24 Jul

The relentless march of technology continues apace in appliance land. First Aga brings out a remote controlled range, and now Subzero and Wolf have launched the Control4 Smart Appliance technology.

A smart phone app combined with appliances fitted with the system means you can monitor just what your kitchen equipment is up to, whether you’re home or not. So when your oven’s reached the right temperature or the timer goes off, you’ll get a notification. Plus you can check the current temperature and if meals are ready, based on an internal temperature probe. There’s even an alert if you’ve left your fridge door open.

We are hard at work on The Millennium Place Project!!

18 Jul

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It’s official the material has arrived and the hard work of production has begun!

“AMERICAN WALNUT” The material for The Millennium Place cabinets is moderately dense and very stable it has excellent machining and superb finishing qualities. It has a medium-fine to coarse texture which is uneven with slightly open grain, patterning varies from straight to wavy and irregular.

Therefore it needs to be transformed from gnarly plank of rough lumber into a set of perfectly milled boards in doing this we are absolutely certain that the boards are truly flat, straight and square and uniform.

This is the solid foundation you need to make accurate cuts, lay out precise joints and glue boards together without gaps and have complete grain uniformity required for this High-end project.

Video 16 Jul

We are honored to be part of this exciting new project!!

Add Elegance to your Kitchen with a Chandelier!

16 Jul

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Technically, a chandelier is any light fixture that’s suspended from the ceiling. For most people though, a chandelier involves multiple bulbs and a whole lot of crystal. They’re commonly thought of as formal lighting and for that reason they usually end up in living rooms, dining rooms and foyers. But what about kitchens? These beautiful kitchens are made even more elegant with the addition of a chandelier!