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We are well underway with The Millennium Project’s cabinet production!!

25 Sep

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The machines are humming and transformation begins.

Kitchens and Bath Cabinets @ 256 Units – The Millennium Place Project Washington St, Boston.

Create Space with a Floating Vanity!

17 Sep

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Say goodbye to the staunchly utilitarian bathroom vanity. The old models of the past are moving out and making room for the super modern bathroom vanities of today.

Floating vanities are a great way to open up your bathroom without taking out any walls. The simple act of raising your vanity off the floor makes the space look bigger. Suddenly the flooring seems to stretch on forever.

There are endless possibilities of shapes, sizes and materials. Opt for small and decorative, or pick something with a bit more heft so you’ll have plenty of storage room.

With their sleek, contemporary design and cool simplicity, they’re sure to stand the test of time.