A smart solution for a ORGANIZED Kitchen!

10 Jan

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to get more organized? Are you having trouble sticking to it??

When a utility drawer becomes a cluttered repository of duplicate tools and useless gadgets, it can boost your blood pressure just to open it.

No matter how much kitchen space you have, it always seems like you need more. If you’re in need of kitchen design ideas that will help free up some space and keep you organized then check out the following four tips:

1. Brew Some Coffee: This is a perfect task for Saturday morning, before the rest of the household is up.

2. Dump Everything Out: Spread the contents of the drawer on a countertop or table. Discard any junk. Scrub out the drawer, and let it air-dry.

3. Sort and Cull Tools: Set aside duplicates, keeping the rest. Cull stocking-stuffer gadgets you simply never use.

4. Consider an Organizer: A Custom Designed Drawer Insert by Rosario Cabinets, Inc. (shown in the after shot) is not only beautiful but functional as well.

Contact Rosario Cabinets today for more space saving ideas. Let us bring your SPACE TO LIFE!


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