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Add a “SPARK” of visual interest to your Kitchen!

28 Nov

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Few elements say “dream kitchen” in the way that a fireplace does. They represent the ultimate in comfort and coziness, and satisfy a primal longing to gather around a hearth. When most people think of kitchen fireplaces, however, they picture a mammoth brick surround with a cavernous firebox that could easily hold a cast iron kettle or a spit for roasting meat.

A fireplace can add value and visual interest to your home. New fireplace technology makes it easy and affordable to add a fireplace to any room in your home, including the kitchen. There are several types of fireplaces that can be used in the kitchen. Some provide ambiance alone, while others can be used as an additional cooking source.

These modern spaces redefine the kitchen fireplace archetype, with stripped-down structures that still radiate homey appeal. Which one inspires you most?