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“HANDSOME” Custom Closet for Him

4 Aug

Ladies it’s not all about you, after all, men have clothes and accessories they cherish, and they’re just as entitled to a special place to store all their things. 

In this day and age of equality, men are standing up for their right to equal space. Having one’s own walk in closet is one way a man can exercise his style; and having the right outfit empowers him to feel confident and energized to face the day. So a closet that keeps his things organized makes this process easier especially if he gets a custom closet built precisely with his needs in mind.

His walk-in closet can even be transformed into a man cave with accessories like a flat-screen TV, a tech station, a cigar humidor or a personal bar. His wardrobe, shoes and accessories can all be stored in features like a sunglass drawer or tie and belt racks. Since men generally don’t have many long hanging items, closet organizers with double hanging rods – to accommodate shirts, pants and suits – usually provides the perfect amount of storage.


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You have been good all year and deserve only the best!!

17 Dec



The art of an organized take-off space (entry/hallway)

3 Dec

You’ve got 5 minutes to get there. You’re fumbling around the house for your keys and yelling to the littlest for the 25th time: “Hurry up and get your shoes on!” You can’t quite remember what were you meant to bring to this dinner party? You’re going to be late. Sound familiar?

Yes it is nice to have a neat and tidy place where you set your keys and hang your coat and sort your mail when you return home. But the fact is for families getting home is one thing leaving the house on the other hand is something else entirely.

The idea of a take-off space is this: it’s a place where ahead of time you can compile everything you need to take out with you. You might do this during nap time or in advance of the next day before you head to bed. Whenever you choose, the fact is everything you need is in one space waiting for you before you head out.

What does this space need?

  1. Somewhere to write upcoming events. This could be a chalkboard. It’s a place where you can look and see what you’re doing today/tomorrow and what you’ll need to bring.
  2. Somewhere to store your bag(s). A basket might be a useful addition – to store larger items that you need as you head out the door on your next outing.
  3. Somewhere to store outerwear and shoes, and to put those shoes on. Rather than having to run around the house finding shoes and coats, the kids get into the habit of leaving them at the front door ready for their next use.

Are you in need of an organized take-off space in your home? Contact us today for more information.  


Fall inspired Kitchens

25 Sep

When you picture fall in your mind, you are likely you see a few different things – leaves changing colors, tree trunks seem darker, the sky filled with bright colors and clean, crisp air that brushes by your face when the wind blows. It is these amazing sensations that bring people to love the season. For some, fall is their favorite time of year, and in order to keep that feeling all year long, they design their kitchens around the idea. With an amazing color palette to choose from, it is no wonder that there are many fall-inspired kitchens designed.

 – Crisp Colors & Cool Whites: Taking inspiration from the crisp, clean air you experience in fall, you can opt for a crisp, cool kitchen palette. In addition, if you have a particularly smaller space and want it to feel much bigger, you can choose light colors in these tones.

 – Warm Maple & Medium Browns: Not only is fall about the feeling you get when you breath in the cool air, but it is also about the scents you experience – pumpkin pie, maple glazed carrots, and other delicious treats cooking in the kitchen. In this fall-inspired kitchen, you will notice that the colors are representative of some of the fall scents you experience.  You will think Thanksgiving dinner or holiday feast each time you walk into your kitchen.

 – Deep Cherries & Contrasting Light Colors: Another great color for the fall is deep cherry, which is the perfect choice for cabinetry in a fall-inspired kitchen design. The deep, rich color of cherry cabinetry brings depth to appliances – particularly those that are stainless steel, and brings the cool and warm shades in the room bringing the entire space together as one your family and friends want to gather in.

– The Leaves of Fall:  Another color palette you can choose from for a fall-inspired kitchen are the leaves of fall. Combining reds, yellows, oranges, and browns together can make for an interesting, yet elegant design. It almost puts off a Tuscan feeling in the space, depending on the brightness of the colors you choose.

As you can see, or at least imagine, there are several ways to bring you favorite season into your kitchen design so you can experience it all year long. Take inspiration from these fall inspired designs and create the space of your dreams.

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Built-in Wine Preservation Systems by Rosario Cabinets

25 Jun

Built-in Wine Sytems by Rosario Cabinets

Who can resist a fine glass of wine at the end of a long day? If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll love a built-in wine dispenser and preservation system that’s designed specifically for the home. It holds several bottles at a time and allows you the flexibility of pouring a full glass of wine or just a taste of your favorite wine varieties and vintages.Hosting a wine tasting event at your home just got easier. The best part is that it allows you to have an elegant wine experience with your family and friends without having to go to a fancy restaurant.

We currently have several customer order’s for cabinet design’s which incorporate this great wine system that are sure to inspire the most discriminating wine connoisseur.

Stay tuned, pictures to follow soon…..


Pet Friendly Stations…. The Newest Trend in Kitchens!

11 Mar

The days of banishing Fido to the doghouse in the backyard would appear to be over. And rightly so.

Today, we consider our pets as much a part of the household as us humans. Pets are our faithful companions and they want to hang out with us, no matter where we are in the house. But as much as we love having them around, tripping over bowls in the kitchen or dog food bags in the mudroom wears a bit thin.

So if you’re planning to renovate or redecorate, take a good look at how your pets needs fit into your daily routine, and work them into your design. Here are some ideas.

Sleeping Area:  This idea is especially helpful to those who find space to be a luxury that is not available to them. Since you already have cabinetry in your home, you can have your pet’s sleeping area built into such cabinetry. It could be a cabinetry in the mudroom, hallway, garage or even the utility closet. Take your time to help the pet adapt to the new arrangement and with time, your home will be clutter-free.

Feeding Area: Just like the sleeping area, the trend now is creating pets’ feeding areas from cabinetry. This means that you no longer have to display the pet’s food and water bowls in an exposed corner of your home. In order to make the most of this idea, the area should be properly incorporated into the décor of the home. This means that the color of the bowls should blend with either the top of the cabinet or the handles. Or how about a floor-level drawer for the bowls that can slide into the kick space between meals?

Whether you’re planning to freshen up the laundry room, or heading for a full-blown renovation, take a close look at your daily routine, and don’t forget to include the four-legged members of the clan.

The “centerpiece” to your Kitchen Design!

26 Sep

Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, from the smell of baking cookies that greeted you at the open house to the holiday gatherings tied together with friends, family, and mouthwatering dishes. There’s no shortage of kitchen design ideas to take your kitchen to a new level of warmth, but for one that combines functionality with beauty, consider incorporating two kitchen islands.

Two Islands can serve as the centerpieces to your kitchen design, offering work space, room division, and a place for friends to gather and talk. Bringing family and guests into the kitchen for appetizers and drinks creates a lively, intimate visit while you prepare the meal’s masterpieces. With two islands, you’ll have plenty of space to keep people chatting without getting in the way of the cooks.

Two islands aren’t for everyone, though; you’ll need to consider the size of your kitchen and its circulation patterns.

To see if two islands could work for you, and to explore other great kitchen design ideas — including small-space solutions — check out Rosario Cabinets online today!

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