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“JAZZ” up your Kitchen with a Chandelier Hood Vent

1 Aug

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There are just some points in the day when it’s harder to be glam than others. People on TV wake up with the sun streaming through white drapes, swing their tanned legs out of the bed and tiptoe elegantly across wooden floors to breakfast. We know that’s not how first thing in the morning really works.

Real life is not quite so glam. But there’s one real-life non-glam moment that we can jazz up: dinner time. Even if your kitchen isn’t the romantic candle lit setting you’d like to entertain your beau in you can dim the lights and add inevitable glamour with one of these chandelier cooker hoods from Elica.

Add Elegance to your Kitchen with a Chandelier!

16 Jul

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Technically, a chandelier is any light fixture that’s suspended from the ceiling. For most people though, a chandelier involves multiple bulbs and a whole lot of crystal. They’re commonly thought of as formal lighting and for that reason they usually end up in living rooms, dining rooms and foyers. But what about kitchens? These beautiful kitchens are made even more elegant with the addition of a chandelier!