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We are hard at work on The Millennium Place Project!!

18 Jul

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It’s official the material has arrived and the hard work of production has begun!

“AMERICAN WALNUT” The material for The Millennium Place cabinets is moderately dense and very stable it has excellent machining and superb finishing qualities. It has a medium-fine to coarse texture which is uneven with slightly open grain, patterning varies from straight to wavy and irregular.

Therefore it needs to be transformed from gnarly plank of rough lumber into a set of perfectly milled boards in doing this we are absolutely certain that the boards are truly flat, straight and square and uniform.

This is the solid foundation you need to make accurate cuts, lay out precise joints and glue boards together without gaps and have complete grain uniformity required for this High-end project.

Video 16 Jul

We are honored to be part of this exciting new project!!